Yamaraj is one of the Hindu God who is the ruler or of Hell. One day was in a tour of earth. He was passing through a jungle. There in the jungle a mahute (A Mahute is a person whose profession is to drive and take care of Elephant) had brought an elephant to feed water. Yamaraj saw the mahute was driving elephant here and there. Yamaraj was astonished to see such a scene that so giant elephant being controlled by so little man.

After the elephant drank water, the mahute tied him in his byre. As Yamaraj got the elephant alone, he curiously asked elephant,- ” Oh, Gajraj! (Respectful word to address an Elephant) you are so strong and giant. Then even why you move like a dog in that little man’s signal? Can’t you finish that gnat in just one jerk and you freely roam in jungle with your own community?”

Elephant answered, “Oh Lord! What you said is correct but human though is little, their wisdom can control even giant animals like us. You have not experienced such an alive man. You have been handling always the deceased human. Hence you think they are weak and powerless. Once you face these alive men, then you would know how they are.”

Yamaraj did not say anything and returned to Yamaloka (The Hell which is the Kingdom of Yamaraj and according to Hindu belief, the sinful people have to dwell in Hell after his death whereby the order of Yamaraj, the sinful people is punished for his sins he has done in his life). Time spent, and one-day Yamaraj remembered the elephant’s saying. He desired to know about the alive man. He ordered his dutas known as Yamadutas (A yamaduta is a messenger and an obedient who obeys orders of Yamaraj and usually the dutas bring the creatures including man to hell after their death.) to capture an alive man and bring to Yamaloka. (Loka means planet. According to Hindu beliefs there are three lokas – earth known as Martya Loka I.e. Mrityu Loka where mrityu means death which every creature obtains ultimately after his certain life is spent, heaven is known as Swarga Loka and hell known as Yama Loka.)

The yamadutas saw a Kayastha (A Kayastha is a writer by caste in Hindus, hence his profession is to write or prepare various types of documents.) who was about to sleep while writing. Four of the Yamadutas held him lying along on his bed and took to the Yamaloka. Meanwhile, on the way, the man waked, he found himself being taken by yamadutas, he nearly lost his sense. Then he humbly asked to the yamadutas, “Oh, dutas, I am not deceased yet, why and where are you taking me to?” A yamadut said, “Our king Yama has ordered us to capture an alive man and take to him. We found you by chance. Therefore taking you to Yamapuri (Yama puri is a synonym for Yamaloka).” Hearing this, Kayastha became terribly impatient for a while. But being a clever people by caste, he began to face the trouble with his wisdom. Suddenly he found an idea by his wisdom. There were paper and a pen lying near him in his bed. He started to write a letter having the following message.

From Bishnu
(Bishnu is one of the Three SUPREME Hindu Gods, other two are Bramha and Maheshwara),
The Authority for the Rules and Regulation

Dear Yamaraj,
All the Blessings!

I know there you desired an alive man to show him Yama Loka. So as not to let it be a violation of the divine rules by such action, I have to appear as a human in front of you to fulfil your desire. This fact should not be open to all either. Therefore you immediately leave for Baikuntha ( Baikuntha is Lord Bishnu’s abode). You will meet me there. I will make some arrangements here and then I will come to Baikuntha. Let nobody know that I have arrived here.

All the best!

Yamadutas presented Kayastha in front of Yama at Yamapuri (Yampuri is Hell, it is the Empire of Yama). Kayastha handed over the letter to Yamaraj instantly. Yamaraj got senseless instantly as he read it. Immediately he ordered all to get out of there. Then fell down at Kayastha’s feet pitifully. Kayastha ordered him, “Go to Baikuntha without being late.” Yamaraj was very much fearful and he let Kayastha sit in his throne with due respect. He ordered all his dutas to obey Kayastha’s all commands. Kayastha easily got Yamapuri. Now he granted quit to all sinners from hell who were about to be punished and get tortures. He enforced many new rules in hell.

At another side, Yamaraj quickly reached at Bishnu’s Palace in Baikuntha. Lord Bishnu was very much surprised to see yamaraj came there horridly. He questioned, “Yam! For what you rushed here?” Yama answered, “Lord! As you ordered me in your human appearance, I am present here in front of you. Please order me. This servant of yours committed a great mistake.” Then Yamaraj remained very humbly there in front of Lord Bishnu. Lord Bishnu did not understand at first, but later through his meditated sight (According to Hindu Beliefs, Supreme Gods Know all the event happenings of anywhere in the universe through mediated sight.).

He knew the reality. He then happened to laugh. He said to Yama, ” You desired to face alive man. Your dutas co-incidentally brought the tactful Kayastha. He deceived you up to this much. Did you see how hard it is to face an alive human? Godly Rule created human as the wisest creature in this universe. Humans have the ability to command rule over all the creatures. Now correct your mistake. Go to Yampuri and grant the man farewell respectively. Take all this event as a lesson for you and always be aware in future while completing your responsibility. Remember, your duty is to handle only the deceased human.”

Yamaraj was very shameful at his deed. Then he begged pardon from Lord Bishnu. He realized what the elephant told about alive man was true. He experienced it is really a tough job to face an alive man. He sent Kayastha to his home back. Yamaraj kept this matter secret and continued to rule over hell again as per his code of conduct.