In the beginning, there was no fire in nor light on the . One day sent for a (cock) and told him to fetch fire, but he was warned not to make a noise while he was down on the . The rooster flew down and asked for fire.

“Promise me something first,” said Man.

The rooster gave his word of honour three times over to do what was required of him in order to get fire.

The man then said to the cock, “Will you please ?”

“That I cannot,” said the cock, “For God had told me not to crow.”

“Then you will break your promise and take no fire with you,” said Man.

The rooster didn’t know what to do, but, in the end, he crowed loud and long. It was then just past midnight. He crowed a second and there was a gust of wind. He crowed a third and there was a faint light in the east. He crowed a fourth and it was full daylight.