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I have a lot of friends and among them, Sudip, Ashish & Prakash were the ones very close to me. We went to the same school, colleges and did many activities together. We had a lot of fun together and were very close to each other.

It was the days of FIFA Cup 2014 and we had decided to watch the match together. The match was about to start at 12 in the night, but we decided to gather at around 9 at my place. It was 9 p.m and there was a knock on my door. Sudip already had arrived my place. I opened the door and We started talking and betting about who was going to be the winner of the match. We turned on the TV and started watching the Pre-Match broadcast waiting for Ashish & Prakash. It was already 10:15, but neither of them arrived. They didn’t leave any message too. So, I started calling them. I first called Ashish, but he didn’t receive the call. I tried contacting Prakash, but that failed too. I tried about 5 calls to each of them, but there was no response from any of them. I started getting worried about why they didn’t arrive.

I started feeling hungry & I went to the to get some . The where the TV was located is clearly visible from my kitchen. I could see Sudip watching TV. I took some packets of chips and kept it unopened in the table in the . A again returned to the kitchen to get some drinks. I was about to pick up some drinks when I received a call from Ashish. I angrily asked him where he was. He explained to me on the phone, “Sudip had a serious accident in the evening & he was taken to hospital a couple of hours ago. He passed away in the hospital and his body was being taken to for final rituals.” I freaked out and peeped into the , Sudip was still there watching the TV. I fainted and woke up the next morning in the kitchen. I was lying on the pool of drinks with some broken pieces of glass bottles.

I woke up to find out the TV turned on, chips in the living room half-eaten and the main door of the locked from inside.

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