Once a was very friendly with a pheasant and became her meet ritually so that there was no secret between them and they shared their joys and sorrows.

One day the pheasant laid some eggs. When the vixen heard of it, she asked for the eggs to eat.

The pheasant lied and protested, “There is only one .”

She kept the eggs hidden until they hatched. But when the vixen saw the chicks, she knew that she had been deceived and she decided that the time had come to make a meal of the pheasant herself.

Every morning the vixen asked the pheasant where she would feed herself that day.

“I’ll go up the ,” she would say.

The vixen, therefore, climbed up the mountain and waited, but the pheasant went down to the stream instead.
Some days she told the vixen, “I think I”ll go to the stream today.”

So the vixen went to the stream and waited while the pheasant spent the afternoon up in the mountain.
After some time the vixen became wise. When the pheasant said she was going up the mountain, the vixen went down to the stream instead, and, so the pheasant and her chicks were found feeding by the .

The chicks escaped but the vixen seized the mother. The pheasant confessed she had deceived the vixen for a long time and so, as a punishment, she was prepared to face . She only said, “Bury me in the for a while and stick some splinters upon my back.”

The vixen accordingly covered the with sand and struck some fine bamboo splinters upon her back. But, as she was about to be killed, the pheasant suddenly flew away, blinding the vixen with the sand and throwing the splinters into her nose and mouth.