Defeated King Jagatdeep Malla took shelter in a in a jungle near . His enemies were looking for him. They wanted to kill him.

The King had fought bravely. But his army was small. The large army of his enemy defeated his small army. He had to run away to save his . He was very sad at . His courage had left him.

One day the King was lying idly in the cave. A little drew his attention. It was trying hard to weave a web across the ceiling. As it was crawling up the , the thread of the web broke and it fell down to the ground. This happened several times. But it did not give up. It tried again and again. At last, it climbed up the ceiling successfully and completed the web.

The King thought, “This tiny creature did not give up. How could I give up? . I must try again.” And he decided to fight his enemy once again.

The King went out of the jungle and met his faithful followers. He collected the brave men of his kingdom and raised a strong army. He fought against his enemy with all his might. At last, he won the battle. He got back his kingdom.

King Jagatdeep Malla always remembered the spider who had taught him a lesson.