Jagat Dev of once invited a reputed fortune-teller to his court. The fortune-teller was known for making correct predictions. The king welcomed him with great respect and offered him a seat.

Then the king gave him his horoscope and said, “Learned sir, please read my horoscope and tell me what the future has in store for me.”

The fortune-teller studied the king’s horoscope very carefully. Then he said, “Your Majesty, I will tell you the bare facts which your stars tell me. Please do remember that I don’t tell imaginary tales.”

The king said, “I understand what you mean. Please tell me your findings without any .”

The fortune-teller, to begin with, told the king all the good things that the future had in store for him. the king felt very happy to hear about those good things.

But, when the fortune-teller began to tell the king about his misfortunes, the king felt very sorry. At one stage he felt very much offended and he shouted at the fortune teller, “Say more of your nonsensical stuff. Just tell me what your stars say about the of your death.”

The clever fortune-teller knew what the king had in his . So he said, “Your Majesty, I am going to die just one day earlier than you.”

The king, in a fit of , was about to give an order for putting the fortune-teller to death. But, when he heard the fortune-teller’s about his own death, he changed his mind. He recalled his good senses and admired the fortune-teller’s witty reply. He gave him rich royal gifts and sent him away respectfully.