Once there was a most beautiful princess. Her father the was very fond of her and his only desire was to marry her to the wisest on the . So he asked his ministers to find a suitable husband for his daughter. The ministers went in all the directions and at length, they came back with a wise young named Tendi. But he was not handsome and the princess dismissed him at once. She complained to her father. ” This Tendi is no match for me. Please find me a better than him.” Tendi then said to the king, “I know someone wiser than me.” “Then bring him here,” said the king.

Tendi travelled on and on until one day he saw a man high up on a . He was cutting the same branch on which he was perched but he was young and handsome. Ah here is the husband for the princess said the Tendi to himself.
Tendi then called to the man to come down the tree. He said: If you come with me, you won’t have to work for the rest of your life. Now, won’t that make you happy?

The man was pleased and along with Tendi. When they came to the castle, Tendi said to the man “as soon as you come before the king, bend your knees and present him with a flower. But mind you, not to speak one word.”
The princess was happy when she saw how handsome the Young man was. No questions were asked and she married him at once. before long, however, she realised her mistake, but she had no one but herself to blame for it.