Long ago a of was walking across the fields one night when he met a with a baby in her arms. Seeing him she said.”Will you please carry the baby for me?”

The man took the baby without a word and walked behind the woman as she hastened on her way far into the night. Finally, She came to a large house. She took her baby and went in, telling the man to wait for her at the .

The man did not see anyone else in the house but he heard a great deal of noise. It seemed to him that quite a number of people had gathered for a feast. He heard the sound of an animal being cut to pieces and he imagined that was being laid out in plates. Someone exclaimed that they had laid out an extra dish and he heard the woman’s voice. “Let me give that extra dish to the man who carried my baby.” she said.

The woman came downstairs and gave the man a plate full of raw flesh. To his consternation, he saw human fingers and bones. “Take it home,” she said, “And keep it hidden for four days.”

Although much alarmed, the man took the grisly gift with him and kept it hidden in a in his house. On the fifth day, lo and behold! the flesh and bones had become and precious stones.

The man then knew that he had met with none other than the goddess . Full of gratitude for the gift, the man paved the path to her temple on the outskirts of Banepa.