A young and very beautiful princess from lost her ball in the water, while she was playing by the side of a pond called ‘ pokhari’ in Naxal. She began to cry so sadly that the who sat beside the pond croaked to her,’ what will you give me if I get you your ball back?’

‘All the you could wish for!’ replied the princess.’ , I asked only that I will be allowed to stay with you and be your friend,’ said the frog. The princess gave her word (what did such a promise cost her if it meant she could have her ball back?), but she had absolutely intention of keeping her promise.

In , the moment she had her ball she ran off so fast that the frog could not keep up with her. Nevertheless, after a while, the frog arrived at the palace.

As soon as she saw the frog, the princess was frightened. She ran to ask for help from her , but the , who knew what had happened, ordered his daughter to keep her promise. So the princess picked the frog up gently in her hand, but with a shiver of , she let it drop to the ground again.

But that one brief touch was enough to break the spell that bound the frog and caused it to turn back into a young and handsome prince, he had been before.

The story ends with the happiest of ceremonies.