Sarangi Player

One day a Sarangi player decided to play some as he was walking through the woods of Chitwan. But this attracted a large fierce bear.

‘How well you play,’ he said to the , to gain his confidence.’ could you teach me to play as well? ’

‘Of course,’ answered the Sarangi player, not fooled at all.’ as long as you do what I tell you. Put your paws in the crack of this .’

The bear did as he was told and the musician was quick to jam his paws in the crack with a large stone. The bear was stuck tight.

The next the Sarangi player played, he attracted a lion, and the same scene was repeated. This the beast was caught in a trap and ended up hanging by its tail from a tree. Then it was a turn of a , which was captured by a similar trick.

When the three wild beasts managed to free themselves, they chased after the Sarangi player, seeking ; but they found him in the company of a new : A huge woodsman and a giant , which chased the animals away.

And, so the clever Sarangi player crossed the forest in safety.