Once a -seller wandered about to sell his caps. He was tired of walking here and there. He lay down under the shade of a tree for rest. After a while, he fell asleep. He had ten caps for sale along with the cap on his head. There were ten monkeys on that tree. Monkeys are fond of imitating men. They saw that the was wearing a cap and there were other caps by the side. They got down from the tree and wore those caps on their heads.

The cap-seller woke up after some . But there was cap by his side. He was very much surprised and worried about this. He looked up and saw those ten monkeys sitting on the tree. Each of them wore a cap like him. It was quieter impossible for him to catch the monkeys and get back his caps. He was in despair. He had known that monkeys were fond of imitating others. So he snatched his cap off his head and threw it down. The monkeys noticed it and they did the same. The cap-seller collected the caps. Because of his trick, he got back his cap and went with a joyful mood.

Moral: Presence of mind often solves difficult problems.