Once a and a became meet or brothers. Before long, however, it became apparent to the jackal that the bear was not brotherly at all. So, before his meet was able to harm him, he went into a field of red pepper and pretended to eat them.

The bear soon came to the field and said to the jackal, “I would also like to eat the red pepper.”

“I am sorry, brother,” said the jackal, “but the has placed this field out of bounds.”

The bear, however, persisted until the jackal told him: “If you want to eat the pepper, I must go up the hill and see if there is anyone around. When I give you a signal, you may eat as much as you like.”

The jackal went up the hill and the bear at once began to the pepper. But when his and became hot, the bear was angry and he went after the jackal.

He found the jackal sitting by a hornet’s , pretending it was a drum. His hands made movements in the air.
“Let me also beat the drum.” said the bear.

“No, ” said the jackal, “This is government property and I must not let anyone touch it.”

The bear, however, insisted until the jackal agreed to let him beat the drum. So, he said: “Let me go up the hill and look around. When I give you a signal, you can beat the drum to your heart’s content.”

At a signal from the jackal, the bear hit the nest with both hands, creaking it wide open. All the hornets came out buzzing and stung the bear so that he lay howling in pain.

The bear was now very angry indeed; he clambered up the hill where the jackal waited for him, swinging by a vine and looking very pleased with himself.

The bear wished to get into the swing too, but the jackal would not hear of it. “sorry, Brother,” he said, “You cannot do it.”

The bear, however, insisted until the jackal agreed to let him try. But as soon as he got hold of the vine, the jackal pushed with all his might and sent the bear to his at the foot of the hill.