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A rich man had a problem. The doctor advised his servant to keep the rich man away from any shocking news that could give him a attack. One day, the rich man went away on a vacation for a week. In his absence, some unfortunate events took place.

Upon the master’s return, the servant said, “The mice are running everywhere in the .”

The rich man asked, “Why isn’t the cat hunting them down?”

The servant replied, “The cat didn’t get any milk, so it ran away.”

The rich man said, “Didn’t the cook give the cat any milk?”

The servant replied, “The- cook didn’t get his wages, so he didn’t turn up.”

The rich man asked, “Didn’t my wile give him any wages?”

The servant said, “Your has been asleep since you left for your vacation.”

The rich man asked, “Has she become that lazy?”

The servant said, “There was an accident. Your wife broke her leg while cleaning the house. The doctor has advised her rest.”

This way, the servant delivered alarming news without shocking the master.

: The hitter should be told gently.