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On 29th October, 18-year-old Sunita with her 17-year-old friend Sujana left her an evening to watch a movie. The nearest cinema hall was about 30 minutes walk away from their homes. They left their homes at 5 in the evening but never returned back.

3 days later, on 1st November, a from the neighbourhood explained that he had a about finding Sunita and Sujana’s dead bodies in the cornfield. On inspecting the cornfield the dead bodies of the girls were actually found. Both bodies were found naked and there were a lot of bruises over their bodies. Postmortem reported confirmed that they were raped before being killed. Rape and murder case was filed to the police. After 5 days still, evidence was found which could lead police to the culprit. Everyone in the village was shocked by the news of two teen-aged girls being raped and killed.

A week later their dead bodies were found strange activities started in the village. On 8th November, one of their friends claimed to see Sunita come out of the cinema hall to disappear into the crowd. On the same night, locals also claimed to see Sunita and Sujana walking together and ultimately going inside their respective houses. How is that possible? They were declared dead scientifically. After a couple of days, in the early morning of 10th November, there was a telephone call on Anita’s house. Anita’s mother picked up ta call and the on the other side wanted Anita, a good friend of both Sunita and Sujana, to pick up the call. Anita spoke into the telephone but got no reply from the other side. After a while, there was a voice of a asking if she recognised who it was. The voice was similar to that of Sunita, so she got terrified and replied, “No! Can’t recognise you. Who am I speaking to? ” The who telephoned replied, “Can’t you even recognise your friend by voice? I am Sunita. Sujana is here too, we are roaming at the cornfield. Going to movies tonight, wanna join us?” Anita left the telephone and screamed so loud that everyone in the neighbourhood heard her scream.

Due to lack of proper concern from the officials, not even a single hint about the culprit has been known till date. The strange activities still continue in the neighbourhood. Even the family members admit that they have been witnessing strange activities inside and outside their houses since the incident.

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