A poor cobbler and rich businessman were . The cobbler’s house was also his workshop. He sang merrily while he mended shoes. He never it necessary to shut and bolt the door and windows of his house. At night he would say his prayers and go to . He enjoyed sound sleep all through the night.

The rich man always saw the merry cobbler. He saw that there was nothing that worried his poor neighbour. But the rich man was full of worries himself. He could neither sing nor . He always shut and bolted each and every door and window of his house at night. He could never sleep peacefully. He was always worried about the safety of his .

One day the rich man called the cobbler to his house. He gave him five thousand rupees and said, “I don’t need this money. Please keep it with you. It’s yours.”

At first, the cobbler was happy to receive the money. But soon the big amount of money disturbed his carefree and peaceful . For the first time, he closed and bolted the door and windows of his house. He woke up several times during the night to make sure that the money was safe.

The very next morning the cobbler went to his rich neighbour’s house. With folded hands, he said to the rich man, “Sir, please take back your money so that my merry songs and sound sleep can come back to me.”

Moral: Wealth does not always bring happiness.