Long, long ago a large number of yetis or abominable snowmen lived in the mountains of .

All-day long the yetis watched the villagers at their work and when night fell they came down the mountain. They went over the fields, in imitation of the villagers, trampling upon the plants and in the end, they undid everything that the villagers had done during the day. The villagers themselves remained behind closed doors in fear of the yetis.

One day the villagers hit upon a plan to stop the destruction by the yetis. They went to a place where the yetis could see them all very well, carrying with them jars of ‘chhyang’ or and made of wood. They drank the ‘chhyang’ and in a seemingly drunken state, they staged a mock fight among themselves with their fake . Then, under the full gaze of the yetis, they retired to their homes, leaving behind the jars and .

As soon as evening fell, some of the villagers went back quietly and refilled the jars with ‘chhyang’, with added to make it very strong. They also replaced the wooden swords with real blades, bright and sharp. Then they hurried back home, bolted their doors and closed the windows.

At their usual hour of mischief, the yetis descended from their perch in the mountain, full of excitement. They soon had their first taste of the brew out of the jars and before long they were all very drunk. One step led to another, and, in a final act of imitation of the villagers, the yetis took the sharp swords and fought a deadly battle among themselves, killing every single one of their species before the night was over.

From that day to this, the villagers have lived in peace, free from the mischievous yetis.


Chhyang – Nepali Rice Beer