When the was first created, God made him all of the gold. But when God called, he did not answer. So, God made a man, but he still did not speak. Next, God tried with . Still, Man kept silent. In the end, God took the ash from a fire-place and the droppings left by some and with these, he , and called, “Man, Man.” And for the first , Man spoke.

But God was disgusted. He said to Man: “Fie on you. You would not when I made you of gold and silver.Now, when you are no more than dirt and filth, you spoke to me. You had better die.”

Before long, however, God’s anger was gone and He felt pity for Man. So, he sent a crow with an to revive Man. But the crow drank the elixir itself and God was angry when He learnt what it had done. He took a fireband and threw it at the crow so that it was burnt and it has remained black ever since. After Man had been brought back to life, God called an and asked him to go and tell Man to take his food once a day. The went to Man but told him to eat three times daily. When the came back, God asked him if he had conveyed the message.”Yes,” said the , “I have told Man to eat thrice every day.”

God was angry again. He said to the ox; “You must go back to Man and feed him yourself. Except on the moon and the , you must work for him so that he will have enough to eat three times a day.”This is why the ox is made to work on all days, except on the days when the moon is new and when it is full.