There was once a at Kirtipur who discovered that his wife was going surreptitiously to the foot of the hill where a big, old stood, around which the of the town gathered to pray to the . At his wit’s end, the man confided to a of his. The thought awhile and then enjoined upon him the need to pretend to know nothing of his wife’s indiscretion and not to be unduly worried about it.

One night the wife prepared a and after throwing a few grains of over her husband, who pretended to be asleep, she made him powerless and tied a rope around his neck.

Dragging the poor husband like a , the wife and another arrived at the witches’ tree down the hill. There, near the hour of midnight, the women began an elaborate but as they prepared to make the sacrifice, they suddenly heard a cock nearby, alarming them greatly and immediately putting an end to what they were doing. For, it was said that past the hour of midnight, with a new day beginning, the sacrifice was not to be made.

The two women left in a hurry, not even bothering to take with them the poor husband who lay helpless until moments later, his friend came for him. Hours earlier, the friend had climbed the tree and in the nick of , he had made the sound of a cock’s crow. Thus, the man was saved from being sacrificed to the Devil.