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I was lying on my bed after dinner along with my friends in the hostel. We were waiting for others to arrive. After everyone arrived we closed all the doors and laid on our beds. Lights were already off but none of us was asleep. We were gossiping when one of us said, “Shhh! Can you hear the footsteps? “. We all remained quiet and tried hearing the sound. There was a sound of footstep from the passage. We all heard that sound and checked if someone hadn’t arrived in the room yet, but everyone was already there. We thought it was warden who was checking around if everyone had gone to or not. We again continued the . After a while, we again heard a similar sound. We ignored it again thinking it was the warden. After a while, there was the sound again. We started wondering about why was warden there for 2-3 . She never came for checking for than one .

After a while, there was a knock on the door. We opened it and it was the warden. She shouted at us saying who is the one that’s roaming around in the passage again and again. We all looked at each other and said, “None of us ma’am. We thought it was you who was there to check.” She replied, ” This is the first time in the night I have been here.” We watched each other scared. Warden was still interacting with us and there were the footsteps again. One said, ” Everyone on the hostel is in this room, then who is the one that’s walking in the passage. Everyone along with warden was scared. Warden took 4 girls and went on checking. They came back without any clue. Warden stayed in our room that night.

After about half an hour there was a knock on our door. We all screamed loud and the knock disappeared. After a few minutes, there was the knock again, we again screamed loud. The knock disappeared again. The neighbour heard our screams and called our warden and asked her why we were screaming. She explained the incident and he was there to confront us. He checked all the hostel and said nothing was there. He explained that there was reason for us to panic. He returned and after that, there were such incidents. We could not get a night of proper sleep for a few weeks.

Later, the hostel was confirmed to be haunted by the same uncle.

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