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A story posted by Dipesh on Real Ghost Stories.

I am posting this story as of today’s date (May 7, 2018) and this incident just happened yesterday not with me but with my mom. As I always sleep late at night but that night, I was somehow dead tired and slept like a log around 10 pm. My house is 3 storey and all of us stay on the 3rd floor. The ground floor is a restaurant and the 2nd floor is rented by a 3 people .

If I have to share the of my area then there are lots of suicidal activities that have happened. Even my killed himself: (I was in college taking my classes and when I came back I didn’t get a chance to see his face for the last , which still breaks my heart. He was one of my childhood friends and you can imagine it by yourself, how it feels to let go of someone without seeing for the last . He was more like a brother to me as well.)

After that, my neighbours started killing themselves. First happened with my friend, he was another one we barely know each other. After 3 months, Second suicide was by my neighbour uncle, he poisoned himself to death. 3rd was another he too poisoned. 4th my friend which I told you in detail. He hanged himself, and the last one was neighbour brother he too died in the same way like others. The year 2015 was the worst year for me. The same year our country was hit by earthquake left hence everyone heartbroken and the same year I lost so many people around me.

I’m sorry, I took my story way too far from the actual incident. I opened about it all because who knows it could be related to what has happened with my mom yesterday. Without saying much I guess I should continue my mom’s incident. She woke up at around 1 am to go to the bathroom. There’s one long corridor which leads to one vacant room and besides, there’s our bathroom. You just count to 10 and there you go. As my mom started walking straight towards the bathroom she first heard footsteps leading downwards our staircase. She is not that scared of such activities. There’s railing along with corridor, that’s for safety so that no one would fall. My mom inclined to see what was that and remind you our house is well lit at night, I mean we leave lights on outside of our room. She saw a man but only his back who was the for those footsteps. She kept watching him and then the man turned off the lights and after that, he was nowhere to be seen, he just vanished. My did not pay much attention to it and after finishing her job she came back and slept.

Next day mom shared this incident with me and my sister. My sister is kind of scared with these kinds of stuff so she reconciled the incident saying it was a ghost. I too was a sceptic but without investigating further, I never accept these incidents as a paranormal or ghostly. So I asked those people who stay on the 2nd floor and they said no as they were all asleep.

So that’s it now I’m scared to sleep alone in my own room. I’m too sensitive to paranormal stuff but I barely encounter anything ghostly. I was once said that no ghost can touch me or wander around me, I don’t even know why? My uncle (Mom’s elder sister and her husband) used to say this to me because he reads every one and even his reading are accurate every time. Sadly, my mom’s sister and her husband never had any children. He loves me a lot or more like loved me but unfortunately, I too lost him last month. He died at a young age ?.

I have many shadowy encounters which I think i’ll post later so that some expert readers would help me find out the exact reason of these incident. Thank you all for reading this. This is my first post. I know it’s annoyingly long to read but I have no idea how to write. Though I’m an active visitor of this site and being honest it’s my #1 site <3. English is my second language, so I’m sorry for my grammatical error. ? :).