Tarini Prasad Koirala

Apart from writing beautiful short stories and contributing in various ways to Nepali literature, he also founded Nepal’s national radio station, The Radio Nepal.

In December 1946, the Electricity Authority launched the fireball was 5-watt power transmitter. It broadcast 7–8 months, and this location was closed only been limited to the day from 3 pm broadcast was 1:30.

Esteban Rana rule with the objective of ending after 1950 Biratnagar in a radio centre was established. Suddenly the morning of 13 December 1950, 8:30 pm heard a spread – “This is Nepal Democracy Radio. We are speaking from Briatnagar muktimorcha.” (Nepali: “यो नेपाल प्रजातन्त्र रेडियो हो। हामी विराटनगर मुक्तिमोर्चाबाट बोलिरहेका छौ।”) Local Agro connect people to a room air set upon 41m decompression program was broadcast. The broadcast Kathmandu, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Gorakhpur and Benares by could hear. These places were major centres of operations in the 1951 struggle against the Rana. Armed conflict to the radio station to broadcast news was proved very useful way.

Establish and operate the radio station and the mortality Aquilon. The first was the announcer – Gajadhara Bhakta premonitions, Tarini Koirala, Nepal, Hindi of the famous poet Phanishwar Renu Hindi and Bijayalaxmi (Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala’s sister) of English news broadcasts musicians. After some time as well as perceptions prove to Hindi news broadcast programs to the people. It is a great help to overcome the Rana regime run.

In 1951, after the revolution, ‘Radio Prajatantra’ of Biratnagar transferred to capital city Kathmandu at Singha Durbar by Tarini Prasad Koirala. The renamed radio station is ‘RADIO NEPAL’ and regularly started broadcasting on April 2, 1951, only 250-watt short wave transmitter was used at the initial time. Now Radio Nepal has six mediumwave relay stations, one shortwave relay station, and 20 FM relay stations (update April 19, 2016). Radio Nepal planned to increase the number of FM radio relay stations. ‘Radio Nepal Broadcasting Act’ is released in 2014 B.S. Radio Nepal can be listened online.