On a New Year Day, Babu went with his to a rich lady’s house. The rich lady was his ’s . The two ladies embraced and wished “A Happy New Year” to each other. Babu bowed down to the lady and received her blessings.

The lady put a of toffees before Babu and said, “Babu, have as many toffees as you please.” Babu’s eyes gleamed with joy. He put his into the bottle and filled his with many toffees as his could hold.

Now, the fist filled with the toffees was much bigger than the narrow of the bottle. So Babu could not take out his hand from the bottle even though he tried hard. He pushed and pulled the bottle with his free hand. He turned the bottle right and left. Babu’s wrestling with the bottle amused the two ladies.

After some , his mother said, “Babu, don’t act silly. Just open your fist and let a few toffees go.If you do so, you can easily pull out your hand.” Babu followed her advice and pulled out his hand.

: Do not too much at a time!