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Folk tales, more stories and short stories have been an integral part of human life from the very beginning of civilization. The journey of the folk tales is like that of flowing water body that trickles off its source and streams down being joined on its way by rivulets to become a river to join the sea. The story doesn’t end there. It again travels back riding the clouds and rains down over its source or on some nearby hill.

These tales mirror the cultural and social conditions of the related land. During the course of time, they keep adding new colours. Besides entertaining, these tales reflect the social history of civilization. There is a sweet mixture of sentiments, realities of everyday life, ideals and moral values. These tales unveil the dreams and the fantasies of common rural folk or a small town common man in the simplest form.

Every society has a treasure of folk tales. Selecting stories from tens of thousands of stories was no easy task. Finally, the stories, having the best ingredients of entertainment and educative values, were selected. A great effort has been made to keep the language and the narrative simple and easy to make this page enjoyable for every age group besides young readers. We would welcome your reactions.

These tales and Folklore are the true mirrors of a land’s civilization, culture, customs, and traditions. And the beauty is that they teach very simple and basic universal values of truth, moral character, dutifulness, love, compassion and the brotherhood of all humans. The grassroots level texture of the stories is really endearing.

On Lukamari.com, we have compiled only the best educative and moral tales and short stories. They entertain, teach and kindle into the reader a new realization of the world they are part of. The tales introduce readers to the civilizations and the cultures of Nepal and to the diversity of the country to embellish their general knowledge. You can share these stories in you social media pages so that other readers will benefit by reading these stories.

We are certain that this page will entertain you, your friends and children!

We wish you a happy reading.