Once upon a time, there was an old woman. She lived alone, with not even a servant to help her. Many people in the called her a miser. They said she would not spend her money even to pay a servant. But actually the woman liked to live alone. The was quite happy in her little house, though it was miles away from the other houses. The woman did not care what the others said about her. The woman liked her quiet life.

Then one night things changed. The woman was suddenly awakened by the noise of people. They were talking outside the house.

The woman that it was her unfriendly neighbours again. The woman crept to the window to hear their unkind words. The woman listened carefully. Then finally she realised that they were a gang of robbers. They had seen the empty-looking house and decided to break in.

The woman was listening to the words they were talking about. They were planning to break in. The woman was very frightened.

“There is no one at the home..” said the robber, “..that’s obvious. Listen there is not a single sound”.

The others agreed with him. Yes, and it will be easy to run away. The house is so isolated. No one will hear the noise. We certainly won’t be discovered. No one will know till days later, added another robber. So the five robbers planned how to break into the house. They also discussed what precious things they would steal from that old woman’s house.

The poor woman listened to their conversation with a trembling . The woman just could not stop the robbers from breaking into her house. They would simply kill a defenceless old woman like her. For once, the woman wished that she did not live alone. If only she had a to make noise. That would frighten away the robbers thought the poor woman. Then the woman made a plan. She did not have a but she remembered that she was not alone. She ran to the . She picked up as many pots and pans as she could find. Then the woman called to the pots as if they were people. Ram get up, get up! Ravi get up, how you are sleeping, getup! Rohan you lazy bones! Wake up! get up all of you! Ram, Ravi and Rohan were the names she gave to the pots. She banged all these pots, shouting their names. Ram, Ravi and Rohan! She made a great noise as if there were many people in the house.

I think we were wrong whispered one of the robbers. Quick, let us run away before they catch us! The house is full of people!

So the robbers were frightened by all the noise which were made by the clever woman inside the house. The robbers ran away as fast as they could. The robbers even forgot to take their bags which was full of riches which they stole before. So when the woman dared to open the door, she found a huge bag. It was full of plates, money and jewels. The woman could not believe her good luck. The clever woman hauled the sack inside. The woman called to her new friends, Ram, Ravi and Rohan, look what I have found!

The clever woman sold most of the riches and kept some with her. By selling those riches, the clever woman managed to buy a new home for herself which was much safer than her old home.

After then the woman lived happily and enjoyed her life with all those riches.